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About Sensory Crate...

Items designed to stimulate the senses have become invaluable in everyday usage for those with things like Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, ADHD, SPD & Anxiety.  Sensory Items have been critical in the advancement of early childhood development.  Introducing them into your loved-one's life can help reduce Stress, Anxiety and Maladaptive Behaviors (Temper Tantrums) while encouraging FOCUS and CALM.  Sensory Crate is the solution to a once preferred item becoming dull and ineffective by supplying new and anticipated items each month.

Each item is hand selected by a Forensic Behavioral Analyst and Applied Behavioral Analyst who chooses them  for their soothing and calming attributes.

NO CONTRACTS - There is no contracts with Sensory Crate. This is a pay as you go service and you can cancel anytime.  Those who are struggling with sensory issues have enough battles to fight and Sensory Crate's primary goal is to always to alleviate stress, not add it. 

What is Sensory Integration Therapy (Sensory Time)?

The idea behind SI therapy is that specific movement activities, resistive body work, and even brushing of the skin can help a child with sensory problems experience an optimal level of arousal and regulation. This, according to some OTs, can actually “rewire” the brain so that kids can appropriately integrate and respond to sensory input, allowing them to both make sense of and feel safer in the world. Such “rewiring,” can decrease anxiety, making them more confident, successful and interactive explorers of the world.

Most, if not all, children and adults with ASD have significant sensory issues. But not all who do are on the spectrum; they may have ADHD, OCD or other developmental and learning delays, or no other diagnosis.

Benefits of Sensory Time - A Classroom Setting

Sensory Crate

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